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how mindfulness-based coaching can help you

  • Would you like  to learn how you can benefit from a “mindfulness” practice?
  • Do you feel stressed by unconscious repetitive thinking patterns?
  • Would it be helpful to discover a stable  “home base” you can return to within yourself?
  • Would you like to empower your own inner teacher?
  • Would you like to feel more “present” in the daily unfoldings of your life?

Mindfulness is learning to pay loving attention to our own minds, bodies, and the world around us. It is about being present with whatever is happening; about fully experiencing life as it is. It is about learning to get to know ourselves very intimately.

Unless we become mindful of the continual discursive thinking patterns that are happening all the time at an unconscious level, we will continue to create the same life situations, relationship dynamics, and mental states.

No matter how much we manipulate the outer conditions of our lives, we can find only temporary, illusory satisfaction.

As with anything that we want to develop,  practice is required to develop mindfulness. Learning how to develop a practice will slowly build a foundation to bring these principles into daily life. It is a skill of awareness. You can think of it as a muscle that can be developed with training. (Research in the area of neuroplasticity thoroughly supports the brain’s ability to change).

It is amazingly powerful to understand that we are creating the reality we experience, and that we have the choice to create something different.  It is in the space of mindfulness that we become aware of the process of our own minds, our thoughts, and the unique habitual styles that cause us to create and re-create unfulfilling experiences in our lives. In order for there to be a change we must create a space in the mind; a gap so that we can actually begin to see how our minds are churning out stories constantly. When we learn to create a space, or a gap in this ongoing discursive activity, we have the possibility of stepping out of the cycle,  seeing our world with fresh eyes and making conscious decisions instead of simply being reactive.


Are you ready to create the change that you seek and open new possibilities for yourself?  Let’s find your next stepping stones.  Contact me now and schedule a session.

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