About Joan

Early in my twenties, I began inquiring into the question of what gives life real meaning. Many of my generation were exploring outside of the mainstream culture. It was a time of deep personal searching and cultural questioning. There had grown a vast supermarket for personal growth during those years, and I was ripe for the journey. In my 20’s I came upon the work of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Tibetan meditation master, and scholar. What I learned from Rinpoche came to serve as a foundation for the years that followed, where I explored different philosophies and approaches to consciousness, spirituality, psychology, personal growth, and healing. My work today is a synthesis of all I have studied, tempered with the insight and perspective that only life experience can give.

My professional background:

  • Earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University for studies done at both Antioch and Naropa Institute (now Naropa University). Focus: Integrating Eastern and Western Psychologies.
  • Student of the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Tibetan Meditation Master, scholar, teacher, artist, and key figure in the mindfulness teachings taking root in the West.
  • Received extensive training at Naropa and Rocky Mountain Dharma Center in mindfulness studies and practice.
  • Furthered my understanding of the mind-body connection by becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, and received training in various forms of bodywork, including Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

My studies gave me the tools to understand the relative nature of our mental conditioning and the world in which we live. Developing insight into cultural conditioning and old family patterns is no easy task. In order to choose what to keep and what to try to transcend, we must first become aware of our patterns of thinking. Through an ongoing process of deep inquiry, working with my own life challenges, and applying the principles I studied to myself and my life, I became able to understand that my experience was a universal human experience. Though the details of our lives are different, there are certain principles that are universal. By understanding these principles, and being a naturally compassionate human being, I am able to help people gain insight into confusion, deepen in their spiritual awareness and deal effectively with obstacles. I would like to show you tools that will help you meet everyday life challenges, make clearer decisions, resolve conflicts, and live from a stable base that is always available to you.

It is from my deep well of life experience, my intuitive abilities, and the application of the principles I have studied in my own life that my real gifts have emerged. I have deep compassion for the countless varieties of ways we all struggle, and a passion for helping others cross the raging waters to clarity and peace within themselves. It has been a rich as well as a challenging journey, and I find deep satisfaction in sharing my knowledge and experience with you so that you may benefit.

May every happiness be yours, Joan

contact me at: http://bodhicoach.com/contact-joan/

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