Becoming a Warrior; Overcoming Fear

you can overcome fear

The true warrior knows that the greatest victories are won in the inner landscape of life by challenging the tricksters and demons of your own mind. Learning to do this while walking a path with heart can enable you to transform your life. Obstacles can turn into creative learning experiences and facilitate deepening awareness. This is the process of “becoming a warrior”.

Courage develops from making friends with fear. If you are committed to continued movement on your path, it can become a fascinating journey toward clarity and wisdom. As your coach and ally, I will help you discover the steps that will bring you closer to living a conscious and fulfilling life, and then be there for ongoing support, encouragement, and focus as we navigate through obstacles.

I will help you begin to view your life as making a journey; walking a path. Life is not linear, our lives are cycles; we are a part of the web of life. It is easier to meet the challenges with courage and dignity, when they are seen as stepping stones to becoming fuller and deeper human beings.

We can communicate by phone, email, Skype, (or in person if you live locally). The world has changed; communication is no longer limited by geographic location.

Transform obstacles into creative learning experiences. Contact me.

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