Becoming Conscious | Awakening | Being Present “Now”

becoming increasingly conscious is a journey

You can learn the principles that will assist you in becoming an increasingly conscious human being. It is simpler than you might think, but it requires a healthy desire to make this journey, along with the discipline required to replace unconscious habits with healthy ones. There is an inherent wakeful state existing in all of us and is simply covered over by erroneous views, past experience, and conditioning. Our work and our path is like “peeling off the layers of an onion”  to reveal something that is fresh and alive. You have within you the seed of “bodhi”. It is not something that needs to be added to you. It is not something you can create by gathering more knowledge. Rather, it is a potential that is and has always been within you. You simply need to learn how to cultivate it. (See article “Cultivating Basic Sanity: The Ground for Spiritual Development“)

It is possible to clear away the obstructions that prevent you from moving with ease and being fully present in your life. You can learn how to decrease stress, experience insight and clarity, improve your skills of communication, and plan strategically. As your guide and ally, I will be committed to assisting you to develop the ability to meet life’s continual changes from a solid foundation. Are you ready to take the first step?

Working with your own neurosis is like untying a knot. You first need to understand how it is entangled; you need to familiarize yourself with it intimately.  Then you can begin to loosen the knot, or “loosen the grip” of habitual mind.


Take the first step toward the change you seek. We can discuss the details and i can respond to any specific questions you have. Let’s find your next stepping stones… Contact me now. Nothing can replace a trusted connection with human being who has been down this road before you.

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