Fees & Suggestions

If you need help with clarity and support, as you make a deeper commitment to walking the Warrior’s Path, please consider investing in yourself.  Nothing can be lost by trying. There is no need for you to continue to struggle without support. . . You will know if it feels right.  My standard fee per session is $90.00. (If you are in need of a reduced fee, please discuss this with me.)

Learning how to slow down the discursive mind and create space is essential for creating insight into what needs changing. It is important to have instruction so that you have a technique to work with. Otherwise, it is easy to reinforce unhealthy habits of mind. The subject of “being mindful” will be woven throughout our work.

We will evaluate together what will be of benefit as we go along and proceed accordingly. It would be beneficial for you to be willing to make a commitment of at least a few months. The most valuable part of what happens in our process happens in our “relationship“. Clients often contact me on an as-needed basis after our more in-depth initial work.

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