How is Coaching Different Than Psychotherapy?

“do I need coaching or psychotherapy?”

Coaching deals with present time and forward moving possibilities. Personal difficulties become our challenges for walking the warrior’s path. In coaching you will learn principles which you will actively practice in your life. We will honor and respect with loving attention all that arises, and then gather it together to see how we can move forward with it. I will view you as whole, resourceful and creative and will consider us partners in a healing relationship. Healing will unfold out of being and doing. Everything is happening now.

Coaching does not replace the need for psychotherapy. If you have deep wounds and issues that are rooted in past experience and that have not been addressed in therapy, I would encourage you to inquire deeply, with professional guidance, into those feelings and emotions. Confusing, traumatic experiences stored at an unconscious level can effect us profoundly. Psychotherapy can help provide insight and understanding into the roots of these difficulties, which will help free your energy for forward movement in a coaching relationship.

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