The Power of Thoughts

You Create Your Reality. . .The Power of Thoughts

For thousands of years great teachers living in different times have taught the same basic principles. The simple truths about the power of  thoughts.

It is quite profound to begin to grasp the concept that “you create your own reality” through the power of your thoughts. Generally speaking, people are not even aware of the storylines that repeat themselves over and over in their minds. It is habit; and the very nature of habit is the quality of unconsciousness. But these thoughts have power; they are creating the reality you are living in. For this reason it is essential that we become intimately acquainted with the workings of our own minds. To do this, we have to slow down the speed of discursive mind and create a gap; a space. In this space of “quieting the mind” we can get to know ourselves very intimately and learn how to relate to ourselves and whatever arises in our minds with gentleness and kindness.

In the mindfulness traditions there is an essential body of work that has to do with “training the mind”. It is in the process of becoming thoroughly familiar with the workings of our own minds that transformation becomes possible. This is a but small requirement considering the happiness that becoming conscious of your thoughts can bring.

We can make the choice not to allow our lives to be ruled by fear, but rather to use it as a stepping stone to move us forward. Real courage exists in the face of fear. Our fear can become our teacher. I would delight in having the opportunity to share this understanding with you.

There are many doors one can enter to finally arrive at the same understanding. I invite you to explore a connection that just may contain the seeds of transformation for which you have been longing.


Yes! I would like to become conscious of the thought patterns that are affecting my life. Together we can find your next stepping stones. Contact me now.

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