healing and mindfulness coaching

ally | facilitator | support | mentor | guide | advisor | coach | healer | teacher | friend

My role as your guide is to inform and support you as you deepen your awareness of yourself and your life and make desired changes. This includes helping you:

  • tame a busy mind
  • transition through a challenging time
  • understand yourself better
  • clarify and strategize
  • overcome hesitation
  • motivate you to move forward
  • become more assertive
  • communicate more effectively

. . . and develop insight into the habits of mind that create obstacles that hold you back from your hightest aspirations. I will fan the sparks of your inspiration, reassure your inner child, and give you a good push when it is clear that you are ready. We will view your life from an aerial perspective and relate to your challenges as part of a larger journey. I will introduce you to the value of mindfulness in everyday life, and provide a slightly different context in which you can think of change and transformation. In order to transform something, we must first be able to have a glimpse into the nature of that “something”.

Working with your own neurosis is like untying a knot. You first need to understand how it is entangled; you need to familiarize yourself with it intimately.  Then you can begin to loosen the knot, or “loosen the grip” of habitual mind. I will teach you how you can make the breath (breathing in and breathing out) your ally to help you stabilize the mind, become aware of its discursiveness, and bring you back into the present moment.

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